A Very Special Interview

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I recently had the opportunity to sit down and do a podcast with Chris Scribner, a wrestling coach at J.O. Johnson High School in Huntsville, AL. He is prominently featured in an award-winning documentary called “Wrestle.” The film documents Chris’s founding of the varsity wrestling program in a very low-income neighborhood.

I know Chris from my high school days. I wrestled at Roxbury Latin and Chris wrestled for Saint Paul’s School; we were in the same league so we often ran into each other at various tournaments. I had kept tabs on Chris’s journey through Facebook and was always amazed at the mentorship he was giving to kids, but this documentary really blew me away.

It was very humbling to hear Chris talk about all of the things we take for granted and how little of our time or money can make such an immeasurable difference for people. I was so moved by the documentary that I asked Chris (who I had not spoken to at that time in over a decade) if I could come down to Huntsville sometime to see wrestling practice. That day is finally going to come in a few weeks.

I highly recommend people see the documentary “Wrestle” on Amazon Video or iTunes and check out the podcast!


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