Authentic Selling

Jeff Kirchick’s core selling philosophy revolves around authenticity. There are two reasons for that. First and most importantly, authenticity is palpable and positively impacts trust, the most fundamental element of negotiation for oneself. Second, the coming wave of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has the potential to completely disrupt the sales job market. Why? Because machines can learn sales training programs. In fact, they are already doing it as we speak. This means that people will need to embrace their authenticity. It is the one advantage they have over the robots and machines.

“Authentic Selling: How to Use the Principles of Sales in Everyday Life” is geared for two audiences. One audience is people who already work in sales in their career, and who want to embrace authenticity as part of their selling philosophy. More broadly speaking, the book is intended towards anyone who wants to learn sales principles so that they can have better interactions with other people in their everyday lives. The fact of the matter is, we are all salespeople and we are all being sold to constantly. Understanding sales principles – and particularly authenticity – are valuable skillsets for anyone to be happier, plain and simple.

“Authentic Selling” is the winner of the 2021 Independent Press Award.

The book is now available on at the link below:

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