Services & Testimonials

Much Will Be Expected LLC helps teams and individuals to elevate their sales execution. Here’s how:


We offer individualized 1:1 coaching with sales professionals to help them reach the next level.


We have a deep network of top sales professionals and a proven track record in aligning them with ambitious companies.


Jeff Kirchick has spoken at dozens of industry trade shows, for teams in their SKOs, and for various professional development communities with great fanfare.

“We at Sales Assembly have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Jeff on more than one speaking / facilitation opportunity in front of the 200 B2B tech companies we serve. With a focus on live, collaborative interaction among 150+ attendees, ensuring that our speakers are simultaneously engaging enough as presenters, but also experts at prompting audience interaction is key for us.

The NPS scores of Jeff’s sessions have been outstanding, we continue to hear stellar feedback, and it is our plan to continue leveraging Jeff as a thought leader in front of our member companies.”

—Matt Green, Chief Revenue Officer, Sales Assembly

“Jeff came to COOP to give a presentation on cold emailing to our Tech Sales apprentices in our program and it was amazing! The students all gave great feedback on how helpful Jeff’s course has been to them and how they are more confident with their newly learned skills and techniques. He uses simple analogies to teach which helps individuals who are new to the sales realm digest the content with ease. 10/10 would recommend for Jeff to come back to speak again!”

—Diane Nguyen, Tech Sales Program Manager, COOP Careers