Introducing Consulting & Advising From Much Will Be Expected LLC

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Something I talk about in the beginning of my book is the importance of understanding your “why” and what truly motivates you. Most times, the real answer to the question is deep below the surface. For example, many people would answer by saying they are financially motivated and that they want to make as much money as possible. Others might lie and say that their job is what truly fulfills them and gets them out of bed every day. In both cases, most of the time, the money or the job are just a means to an end – conduits or steppingstones to some other “thing” that you truly seek.

For me, I have always felt the happiest when I can do a good thing for others. That has manifested itself in a couple of ways. One is when I help someone accomplish something. Another is if I actually write something (like an article or a short story) that moves someone in some way. In both cases, I feel grateful for the opportunity to make an impact on the world. And so I have always resolved that the things I truly want to do with my time down the road are build my own company and become a screenwriter, because in doing those things, I can create the largest civil impact that I possibly can on the world.

Tied to all of this is the great joy I have received from mentoring and coaching others. I know firsthand how much I appreciate the benefit of mentors. I have a professional mentor and have had many professional coaches and leaders throughout my life without whom I would not be anywhere close to where I am today. I also have tremendous parents and a great family, and without them giving me a kick from time to time, I would be in a vastly different space. I recognize that for myself, and I have seen firsthand how the smallest of deeds can create such a massive difference for others in the mentorship I have done for Big Brother Big Sister, SV Academy, COOP Careers, and other organizations along the way.

So as I think about my professional experience as a sales leader alongside my interests in tech, early-stage go-to-market, and the overall joy I feel from having an impact, it made a lot of sense to launch a Consulting & Coaching business within my LLC, Much Will Be Expected, which was originally the publisher of my book. Under this umbrella, I have already begun working with several companies and individuals to do the following:

  • Help them understand the fundamentals of how to be successful in a sales career.
  • Build and scale an early-stage go-to-market strategy.
  • Develop outbound lead-gen programs, inspired by the methodologies I have developed both as an individual contributor and as a sales leader, and as outlined in my online course for entry-level sales reps.
  • Make connections with potential prospects and investors.
  • Understand the competitive landscape, pricing, hiring, and compensation.

Without any marketing, Much Will Be Expected has four exceptional early-stage companies and two mentees under its wing already, and we have added a great coach to the team. All of this in just the last few weeks. There will be more announcements to come on the folks who are involved, but suffice it to say, we feel particularly fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to get involved and to make an impact for so many people. And considering that many of these companies have a massive downstream impact on the economy at large with their groundbreaking tech, the compounding effect is fun to watch.

To everyone who has helped along the way to inspire this vision, thank you so much. You know who you are!

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