Interview with Jailen Young

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A couple weeks ago, I interviewed Chris Scribner, who was the head wrestling coach at J.O. Johnson High School in Huntsville, AL and featured in an award-winning documentary called “Wrestle.”


This time, I had the opportunity to interview Jailen Young, one of the wrestlers featured in the film. I have tremendous admiration and respect for Jailen, both after watching the documentary and even more so after having an opportunity to speak with him.


Jailen’s parents were not really in his life and he spent time in high school bouncing between being homeless and living with his grandparents. At times, he could not even afford the bus to go to school and contemplated suicide. Through his friends, teammates, coach, and the sport of wrestling, he learned that he could make himself his best self if he put in the hard work.


His senior year, Jailen won an Alabama State Wrestling Championship and then received a full ride at Berea College in Kentucky, where he is now a junior. In this podcast, Jailen talks about his journey, how he kept his chin up, and where he is now going in his life. I hope people enjoy the dialogue.


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